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your online life is your real life.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading this post by Chris Brogan.

And I’m thinking… it sounds like you need a social media assistant, Chris.

What if the first thing you reviewed in the morning was your social media “executive report” (prepared by your trusted and trusty social assistant) highlighting who’s talking about you, your company, PodCamp, etc., along with alerts for matters that needed your personal attention and ready-drafted responses. Your social assistant could even post any needed replies for you once trust was established. And with a bit of initial guidance, wouldn’t it be great to be alerted which dozen or so of those 700 blogs you ought to read today.

The Tweetdeck update could be in the executive report, too. Sure, you’ll want to answer some of those direct messages yourself –your social assistant can give you the heads up on which ones you’ll want to answer yourself.

Culling out spam is for sure a chore that doesn’t require your personal attention, Chris. What if when you logged into Facebook, the “marketing webinar” invites and “miracle income” spam were already deleted? Same with your blog stream. Same with those 500 emails.

In other words, you could start your day with the paint brushes clean and the canvas stretched ready for you to create, ready for you to connect, ready for you to extract value (minus the bulk of the “chores”).


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