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A 3 hour drive to a 4 hour football game is dedication. Especially when the plan is to turn around and drive home the same evening.

The Dallas Cowboys website has a great Map section, which configures from your zip code to your parking lot. So when I figured out our trip would take us up 35W to Fort Worth instead of through Dallas, I was happy.  I’ve always hated that stretch coming up 35E into downtown Dallas.  But of course, there’s a trade-off, right?

Texas Stadium was directly off the freeway. Drive. Exit. Park. Walk.

Not so much in Arlington. After you get off the freeway, you’ve got about another 15 minutes through a residential area.

The good news is – as  you get closer to the stadium, much of the traffic is directed by police so you’re not left to navigate the streets with the thousands of other cars.  We found the parking to be fairly easy. On the other hand, this was just a pre-season game, so many of the lots were empty… good luck on gameday.

We had about a 1/2 mile walk to the stadium from our parking. This is about the same as last year, upgraded to pavement from mud. Yes, at Texas Stadium, we walked through mud to get to our car. I really don’t mind. Trying to park your car close to walk a short distance on the way in doesn’t work the same way on the way out. 🙂 Lesson: Park in the back, walk farther, leave first (maybe).

HOWEVER, as you will see in the pics, there is a very narrow bridge that you have to cross when walking.  That is not going to be fun after the games, when people are drunk and all buzzed up.  Especially if the Cowboys loose.  That was a very bad idea.


The stadium speaks for itself. It is an awesome place.  For everyone who’s asked about prices, they aren’t all that bad. In fact, they really didn’t change much from last year.


I have to say, as silly as it is, I expected all the bells and whistles.  The fact that I still had to flush my own toilet, press the handle for water and pull my own paper towels seemed cheap. I’m sure Jerry Jones doesn’t have to do any of that.

But on a more serious note, I agree with those that have complained the score/stats are not perma-posted on the big jumbo-tron.  I mean… you have to squint to the endzone to see it. Occasionally they put them up there, but for the most part, they aren’t. that just seems ridiculous.


Our view was pretty much the same as the seats we had last year.  We were even 2 seats from the aisle. Yes, I know they are on the roof.  Its not a priority for us financially to be any closer. The excitement and buzz of being at the game is enough. (But if anyone ever wants to give us Club seats for fun…we wouldn’t turn them down!)

I did appreciate the air conditioning and the sun protection the new stadium provided.  It felt strange to be “inside” at a game…seems like an “outside” activity…what with the “grass” and all.

Besides the 2 different people sitting in the wrong seats in our row, the loud woman SCREETCHING in my ear, and the thousands of trips everyone on our row seemed to make in and out, over and over… we had a blast.

Oh, did I mention the connection stinks? @Zaneology reported (with AT&T) that she was completely without service.  I dare say she was also closer to the stadium floor.

With my Tmobile, and my almost direction connection to God at our height, I was able to get intermittent service. But I spent more time fumbling with my phone than I did enjoying the game. I’m not complaining about that though, because I didn’t go to any games last year, so the last time I live tweeted a game was 2 years ago.  I felt refreshed.

And we lost anyway. But who cares- its the preseason! We won the first half with the starters. The team is looking ok, and I’m hoping the next time I’ll see them at Cowboys Stadium is during the playoffs!

The rest of my photos from the game (I didn’t take many):

There’s a much better analysis from a fan here:


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