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Most days, I’m not concerned about getting “credit” for being helpful. Today is no different.

That being said, as I watch the Twitter world rejoice with happiness as they opt out of Fun140 auto DM’s from hell, I can’t help but feel pride as the one who I single-handedly saved Twitter.

Here’s how it went down (or up, depending on how you view the stream):

twitteroptout copy1

And the rest is history. You’re welcome, Twitter.


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If you’re looking to bring your company or product into the social media sphere, you’ve already recognized that there are new opportunities in this playing field. You probably understand that social media can offer so much more than an additional channel for your marketing message, but you may not know how—or have the time—to best take advantage of those opportunities.

Social media provides the opportunity to create and execute an overall communications strategy that can engender long-term customer loyalty, streamline customer service, and increase sales.  A qualified social media assistant can help you create and execute your strategy, nurture your brand affinity, and create lasting customer relationships.

  1. Create your strategy. What are your goals? Do you want to focus primarily on capturing leads or the long-term building of your brand and reputation? A social media assistant can help you zero in on your objectives and recommend the platforms that will best suit your needs. Determine if you will personally be “listening”, responding, writing, and engaging online or if you plan to empower your social media assistant to do this on your behalf. Either way, you will scope out the tone and style of the online “you”.
  2. Execute your strategy. Once you’ve determined the platforms that best suit your business needs, you will create your online identities. A few examples include: signing up for Twitter and building a following, creating a Facebook page and/or company page on LinkedIn, or starting a blog…  Your social media assistant can set up these online identities and link them together for you. Some examples might include, setting up your twitter status to automatically update your Facebook status; signing up for Twitterfeed and linking your blog to it. Your social media assistant can also join groups and networks related to your business and begin contributing content and connecting with others on your behalf.
  3. Nurture brand affinity and customer relationships. Your online identities are established and linked, you’ve joined groups and networks, and have followers and other connections – now what? The key to ongoing success is participating routinely to maintain relevance, listening, and being responsive.

A social media assistant can work with you to engage on a consistent basis. Engagement may include posting blogs, tweets, and other comments regularly—being a brand evangelist—and it also includes listening to what’s being said about your company and responding to customer inquiries and comments. If someone has taken the time to write something about your product or service, taking the time to write back will enhance your company’s reputation. A social media assistant who really understands your product can be invaluable in deepening these affinities and this helps reduce other customer service costs.

Are you ready to get your feet wet? With the right social media strategy, your social media presence can quickly become a greater return on investment than your offline strategies. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. The right social media assistant can help you “stop selling” and “start building relationships and helping people buy”.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading this post by Chris Brogan.

And I’m thinking… it sounds like you need a social media assistant, Chris.

What if the first thing you reviewed in the morning was your social media “executive report” (prepared by your trusted and trusty social assistant) highlighting who’s talking about you, your company, PodCamp, etc., along with alerts for matters that needed your personal attention and ready-drafted responses. Your social assistant could even post any needed replies for you once trust was established. And with a bit of initial guidance, wouldn’t it be great to be alerted which dozen or so of those 700 blogs you ought to read today.

The Tweetdeck update could be in the executive report, too. Sure, you’ll want to answer some of those direct messages yourself –your social assistant can give you the heads up on which ones you’ll want to answer yourself.

Culling out spam is for sure a chore that doesn’t require your personal attention, Chris. What if when you logged into Facebook, the “marketing webinar” invites and “miracle income” spam were already deleted? Same with your blog stream. Same with those 500 emails.

In other words, you could start your day with the paint brushes clean and the canvas stretched ready for you to create, ready for you to connect, ready for you to extract value (minus the bulk of the “chores”).

I am so excited to announce that KBJ Online has teamed up with Restaurant Coaching Solutions as  a  Social Media Marketing Strategic Partner!

Being married to a chef, and having spent years in the restaurant industry personally, I am thrilled with the opportunity to be able to contribute our talent and experience to helping Jeffrey and RCS build better social media programs for restaurant operators nationwide. I believe as Jeffrey does, that Social Media Marketing will allow owners and operators to tap into the most important and effective means of communicating with guests and thereby supporting your businesses guest relationships as well as helping operators make better business decisions.

Read all about it on the RCS site:

RCS’s Web 2.0 Strategies & Social Media Marketing for Food Service Businesses: